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How To Make Vegan Fast Food

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Fast food is often considered an indulgence—something we don’t eat very often or only when we’re in a pinch. But what if you could make vegan fast food healthier, more sustainable, and still delicious? That’s where this blog post comes in. We’ll look at the different ingredients and methods for making vegan fast food that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized. From plant-based proteins to easy meal prep tips, read about everything you need to create tasty vegan fast food dishes!

What is vegan fast food?

Fast food is a great option if you’re looking for a quick and easy vegan meal. While there are plenty of delicious vegan options, finding them at fast food restaurants is challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best vegan fast food options, so you can enjoy a delicious and hearty meal without having to cook.

In general, vegan fast food is any type of food that is made without any animal products. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. Veganism is relatively new, so not all fast-food restaurants have vegan options. However, more and more places are beginning to offer vegan meals, so it’s getting easier to find something to eat on the go.

If you’re looking for a quick vegan meal, here are some great options:

Burrito bowls are a great option for vegans as they’re typically made with beans, rice, vegetables, and salsa. Just make sure to ask for no cheese or sour cream.

Veggie burgers are another great option for vegans. Most burger joints now offer at least one vegetarian option that can easily be made vegan by removing the bun and condiments or requesting a lettuce wrap.

Salads are always a good option for vegans. Just make sure to ask for no cheese or croutons. Most fast food restaurants will also have other sides suitable for vegans, such as french fries and onion.

The best vegan fast-food chains

Head to one of these vegan fast-food chains the next time you’re in a pinch and need something quick and delicious.

1. Veggie Grill

With locations across the U.S., Veggie Grill is a fantastic option for vegan fast food. Their menu is 100% plant-based and includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls, and more. Plus, they have a great selection of sides and desserts.

2. by Chloe

By Chloe is another vegan fast-food chain in the U.S. and U.K. Their menu features burgers, sandwiches, salads, pasta, and more—all made without animal products. And their dessert menu is definitely worth checking out!

3. Native Foods Café

Native Foods Café is yet another excellent choice for vegan fast food. They have over 20 locations across the United States and serve delicious burgers, wraps, bowls, salads, and more—all made with plant-based ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or something to take on the go, these vegan fast-food chains have got you covered!

How to make vegan fast food at home

If you’re like me, you love fast food. The problem is, most fast food is not vegan. So what’s a vegan to do?

The good news is that it’s easy to make vegan fast food at home! All you need are a few simple ingredients and some basic kitchen equipment.

Here’s how to make vegan fast food at home:

1. Choose your protein source. This can be tofu, tempeh, seitan, or any other vegan protein source.

2. Decide your vegetables. I like to use lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles for my vegan burgers.

3. Pick your condiments. Vegan mayo, ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce are all great options for topping off your burger.

4. Assemble your burger and enjoy!

Recipes for vegan fast food

Assuming that by “fast food” you mean food that can be made quickly, here are some vegan recipes for quick and easy meals:

— Black bean quesadillas: substitute black beans for meat in your favorite quesadilla recipe.

— Veggie wraps: fill a wrap with any combination of cooked veggies, rice, and beans.

— Tofu stir-fry: stir-fry cubed tofu with your favorite veggies and sauce. Serve over rice or noodles.

— Roasted vegetables: roast any combination of vegetables in the oven with olive oil and seasoning. Serve as is or over rice, pasta, or salad.

— Smoothies: blend together fruit, non-dairy milk, and vegan protein powder for a quick and healthy meal on the go.

— Soup: make a quick soup by simmering veggies and/or beans in vegetable broth with your favorite seasonings.


Making vegan fast food can be a great way to get all the nutrition you need without sacrificing taste. With creative thinking and the right ingredients, it’s easy to whip up delicious vegan meals in no time. Whether you’re making burgers, burritos, or tacos, you’ll have no problem creating something that tastes just as good as its non-vegan counterpart. This guide has helped show you how simple and enjoyable creating vegan fast food can really be!


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